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Rev. Carlos Cranford  a.k.a. "Thunder"

A strong leader, compassionate friend, and a committed minister of the Lord.

He and his wife, Terra, a.k.a. "Wonder Woman", make the perfect ministry team as they lead the Amarillo District into the future.  Amarillo is ripe for just such a unique ministry as POH.  With spiritual counsel from Pastors Manny and Jesse, of The Power Church, POH enjoys bringing many souls to the Lord as they labor diligently for HIM.



This District is the shining star of POH,

and stays on the cutting edge of ministry.  



Ray Garcia is Carlos' right hand man, and is perfectly suited as the District Associate Pastor.  Ray is the Aaron to Carlos'es Moses.  He holds up Carlos'es arms when they grow weary in battle.  Lydia is Ray's wife and ministry partner and together they make an insurmountable team.

The POH District members in Amarillo are committed Christian warriors, working hard to increase the Light of Christ in a darkened town.  They are loyal, honorable, and dedicated to the Christian cause.

If you would like to reach out to the Amarillo District, please fill out the "Contact Us" form in the menu.  A Ministry Representative will contact you and direct you to the right member to speak with.

Please pray for us.  The enemy hates us passionately for going into his prison lair and taking back the souls he stole from God.  He takes shots at us continually.  And oftentimes we are severely wounded, but...we will never stop.  

We will fight to reclaim God's treasures until our last dying breath.  

Pray that we never lose strength.